Lab Analysis

Naturopathic Physicians looks at labs in different ways than other professions. We are trained to look at patterns that may not appear to other professionals, and figure out where disfunction may be occurring while linking this with symptoms and finding a diagnoses as a result. NDs use labs as a way to find deficiencies and pathologies in order to rectify them, and then they are used as a way to monitor treatment progress. 

Lab Testing Includes but is not limited to: Male and Female Sex Hormones, Food Sensitivities and Allergies, Heavy Metals, Metabolic Disorders, Energy Production Disorders, Thyroid and Endocrine disorders, Nutrient Deficiencies, Vitamin D levels, Toxicity Levels, Adrenal Functioning, Fertility Investigation, Candida Panel, Fatty Acid Profile, Celiac and Gluten Sensitivities, Blood Analyses, Healthy & Active Profile, and Nutrigenomix.  

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