Naturopathic Physicians are primary health care doctors that are trained in diagnosing and treating both acute and chronic health conditions. By focusing on the cause of illness, we are not only alleviating patient’s symptoms, but achieving long term optimal health. Dr. Adella Gerry, ND, known as Dr. Della - offers many types of services, both alternative and mainstream to help you reach your health goals, including Breast Thermography, Class IV Infrared Laser treatments for pain and inflammation, Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling, Sublingual-Immuno Therapy (SLIT), a variety of lab testing, and Injection Therapies. Dr. Della has prescription rights and can refill non-opiod prescriptions. 

Dr. Della is an effective resource for pain management strategies, useful in many situations - including injuries, pregnancy, neurodegenerative diseases, and arthritis. She treats female conditions such as menstrual disorders, gives menopausal and hormonal counseling, and addresses various pregnancy ailments. Her scope is broad so she enjoys treating a variety of ailments. With her additional training in Event and Sports medicine, she can help athletes or individual striving for better performance to reach their optimal health goals. For MORE information, BOOK a 10 minutes FREE consultation at her Oak Bay office in beautiful Victoria, BC - see the Request Appointment Button below!



Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine, and is based upon the following six principles:

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What We Treat

Naturopathic Medicine's ability to look at the whole person and treat with a complex approach allows us to treat almost any complaint or condition while getting to the core of the issue. 

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How We Treat

Dr. Della offers many types of services, both alternative and mainstream.

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