Hormone Assessment and Therapies 


Hormones play an important role in the body to act as messengers that coordinate and control many different functions including keeping the body at homeostasis. Their roles include helping to regulate cell death, the immune system, mood, hunger, reproductive development, and sexual functions. 


Sex hormones are important for the regulation of menstrual cycles, menopause, arousal, energy, sleep, and When sex hormones are imbalanced this can lead to many symptoms including menstrual irregularities, menopausal symptoms, difficulty with sleep, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, hair loss. Sex hormones are closely linked to those hormones that are made for stress, and when one is under long periods of stress sex hormone production is often compromised. 

Salivary hormone assessment is the most accurate aggregate measurement of the different sex hormones in the body. This looks at the long-term measurements of the different sex hormones in the body rather than blood which is a snapshot in time and is not an a good indicator of what the hormone levels are like overall in the body. For more information please book a FREE 10 minute consultation with Dr. Della at her office in beautiful Victoria, BC. To book with Dr. Della see the "Request Appointment" button below!