Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

Digestion is important for many aspects of proper functioning, including:

  • A balanced mood

  • A healthy immune system

  • The breakdown and absorption of nutrients, foods, and supplements

  • Vitamin K production for bone and blood health

  • Regulating pain

  • Eliminating toxins and unwanted by-products in the body

When there are irritants, such as food sensitivities occurring in the digestive tract, then the intestinal tract becomes inflamed and permeable to things that should not be able to get through it. These irritants then are allowing food particles, toxins, and foreign invaders into our bloodstreams when they should be eliminated from the body. Immune complexes arise when these irritants make it through the intestinal wall, and are deposited in skin, joints, muscle tissue, organs, and lead to a whole variety of symptoms. Investigating what food may be irritating can help to stop irritation to the digestive tract by determining the foods and temporarily cutting them out in order to give the digestive tract a break and heal. 

Standard testing looks at 120 allergens, with more complex ones available as well. It is hard to determine these things with simple elimination or trial and error on your own. Food allergy and sensitivity training is an easy and effective way to determine what might be irritating your digestive tract and eliminate them!

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