Curious about YOUR Food Sensitivities?

You may be aware that certain foods effect your health and wellness - creating digestive upset, gas, and bloating... You may be able to avoid these things. But what about all the foods your DON'T know about??


Food Sensitivities

Food allergies are usually easy to determine - things like peanuts, shellfish, and tree nuts - which typically lead to reactions like anaphylaxis. These types of allergies cause the release of IgG anti-bodies, which lead to immediate symptoms after contact with the system. The time between contact and reaction is quite small, so determining what the assaulting item is can be  easy.

However, when this reaction is not a true allergy, it often takes more time to see, therefore these assaulting foods can be a lot more difficult to determine. There are certain foods that are irritating to all persons digestive tracts - whether we display symptoms or not. These foods include items that are genetically modified, lead to a high amount of histamine release, or are extremely complex to break down. 


Can you be sensitive to these?

Food sensitivities vary widely. Knowing what you are sensitive to can be very difficult as a result. Foods can range form common vegetables, grains, spices, meats, dairy products, and food additives. The common tests that Dr. Della performs look at a minimum of 120 foods. If you are vegetarian there are more specific panels, as well as more complex testing for special situations.


What don't you know?

When your system is constantly being inundated with foods that are irritating, the digestive tract becomes permeable to invaders, your immune system becomes compromised, your brain cannot function properly, and your body generally becomes inflamed. For short periods of time you can live symptom free when this is occurring, but over time many symptoms can result... 

Common Food Sensitivity Symptoms Include:

Systemic : Fever, fatigue, chills, sweating and feeling weak, puf ness.

Skin: Itching, redness, swelling, and rashes (including eczema, psoriasis).

Brain: Mood and memory disturbances and behavioural problems.

Lungs: Bronchitis and asthma symptoms.

Musculoskeletal: Joint pain, muscle stiffness and swelling.

Digestive Tract: Nausea & vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas, and bloating. 

Don't be afraid to test your food sensitivities! Dr Della knows many alternatives to common sensitivities so you don't feel like you are missing your favourite foods!