Extended Benefits

Did you know that most extended benefit plans include treatment from Naturopathic Doctors? There is a range of service and labs that extended benefits will cover from NDs. Check your individual health plan to see what is covered. 

Coverage often ranges from 300 to 500 dollars per year! This can get you started onto a great treatment plan in order to attain your health goals!


Looking to Kick your Health Goals into Gear?

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           Wanting to get more Joy from Life?

           Wanting to get more Joy from Life?

Dr Della has many tools to help you get more energy, stabilize your mood, and gain a better perspective on how to live life!

        Looking to   achieve your Weight Goals?

        Looking to achieve your Weight Goals?

Dr Della has specific tools to help individuals attain a healthy weight, including use of labs, specific diet plans, cleanses, lifestyle changes, and nutritional products.

Book a 10 minute FREE Appointment to see how to attain your goals!