Get Better Faster! - A Home Made Tea To Help with Colds and Flus

Home made tea can be comforting and effective for warding off infections, if made in a way that supports the immune system and also works to directly kill the invaders. Please see below for a safe and effective tea for all ages and health types, to use when you are starting to feel under the weather.

Please use organic ingredients to have increase nutrient content, decrease any burden of pesticides on the body, and help you feel better faster!


To 1.5 cups of filtered, freshly boiled Water, Add:

            1 large clove of crushed Garlic

            1 tablespoon of grated Ginger

            1/2 a freshly squeezed Lemon

            1 teaspoon local, unpasturized Honey

            1 small pinch of Cayenne or Paprika

Cover mixture, let sit 5 minutes, filter the particles out, and drink up! Drink 2-3x daily at the beginning of any cold or flu symptoms, to ward off any potential infections when those around you are sick, or when you want a boost!

You can also make this mixture in larger batches and portion it out into the hot water as you need it, which is especially helpful if you are feeling ill and need to use the recipe multiple times in a short time span.

Garlic and ginger both contain antimicrobial properties to topically kill invaders, as well as helping to increase circulation. The essential oils help relieve congestion and sooth the respiratory tract. Ginger also helps to settle the stomach and relieve nausea.  If you are sensitive to garlic, then omit this from the recipe. Lemons are packed full of vitamins and minerals that stimulates the liver, helps the immune system to work better, and are thought to help moderate fevers.  Local honey has immune stimulating effects due to bees picking up things from the environment closest to you, which is thought to improve one’s immune system over honey from distance places. Unpasturized honey ensures that the immune benefiting properties are not killed during the pasturization/heating process. The above properties, and many more, help you to feel yourself again sooner!

For more tips and information by Dr. Della – please keep an eye out on her blog viewable at or on her facebook page. Dr. Della is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, highly trained in Pain Management and Woman's Health, in Victoria, BC's lovely Oak Bay.