Breast Thermal Imaging


Thermal imaging is used to investigate long-term changes in breast physiology in order to find pathology, which provides a safe, comfortable, and effective way to find clinical changes years before other methods without any squishing or radiation to the tissues. 

An infrared camera takes pics that allow you to look at the heat patterns within the body and indicate inflammation and changes in the body over time. This can be used as a tool specifically to screen for breast pathologies. It is not diagnostic, but can be used to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure, is completely comfortable as no squishing is required, and it can pick up malignant or pathological changes up to 4-5 years sooner than other techniques. There is research to suggest that mammograms can be harmful and actually create problems, both from the x-rays and radiation exposure, as well as the mechanical pressure to the breasts needed to take the images. Thermal imaging, when used as a regular screening tool, can help find pathologies and protect breast tissue.

With thermal images it is important to establish a baseline then compare this to future images to get the best idea of what is going on.  When cancer cells grow and become a problem, they require a greater blood supply than surrounding tissues and release growth factors to bring in more blood vessels. The heat from this process, which indicates a pathological process it taking place, is quite evident with thermal imaging.

Breast thermography is a great tool for those that have a family history (first degree relative like a mother, aunt, or sister), of breast cancer, a personal history of breast cancer, or want peace of mind about their breast health.

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